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Sabine M.

Sabine m

I had a car accident with multiple rib fracture and bone splintering in the pelvis seven years ago. Since then, I have been plagued by pain, which has become chronic in the meanwhile, at a level of 8-9 on a pain scale of 0-10.

In addition, I have been operated on the shoulder several times and since then, I have ongoing pain in my shoulder and arm right up to my wrist, especially if there is any strain. The pain also corresponds to a level of 8-9.

Medication doesn’t give me any real relief. Added to this, I have problems sleeping and concentrating, and mood swings and migraines too.

After using BEMER according to the basic plan for 5 weeks and once or twice daily in addition with B.Pad and Program 2 on my shoulder and arm, I noticed the following changes:

I am much more calm and relaxed.
I sleep much more soundly.
The pain I have has been significantly reduced (level 4-5).
I have better digestion.

Using Program 3 and B.Pad, the migraines I get could be relieved to the extent that I don’t have to take any tablets anymore.



Behandeling bij ziekte, ondersteuning van de immuunrespons, activering van het zelfherstellend vermogen door stimulatie van de microcirculatie.


Positief effect op het algemene welzijn, de gezondheid en het slaapritme. Samen leidt dit tot een hogere levenskwaliteit.

Betere prestatiesBetere prestaties

Ondersteuning van de stofwisseling voor betere prestaties, een sneller reactievermogen, een lager risico op sportblessures en een sneller herstel.